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FAB-GRIP Powder Adhesive

FAB-GRIP Powder Adhesive
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Our new heat-activated powder adhesive is perfect for quickly and easily bonding fabric to fabric or for bonding brown paper and other materials to the back of fabric to stabilise them prior to cutting. For best results always cover the surface of your ironing board with a layer of brown paper or similar to prevent making your normal cover sticky. Now place the fabric face down on top of the brown paper. Sprinkle a small amount of FAB-GRIP over the fabric in an even layer. Now place brown paper over the fabric and activate the adhesive using a hot iron. Once the fabric has cooled down, the brown paper will be temporarily bonded to the rear of the fabric. This will stabilise the fabric and stop it from rucking up or moving when cutting with our FABRI-CUT tool. Once the desired shape has been cut, the brown paper can be peeled off the fabric.

Clean, neat, invisible and wash-proof, FAB-GRIP is supplied in a handy 70g dispensing bottle which has a dual action lid. Simply select the type of opening required for your application and apply the adhesive by lightly shaking the bottle over the fabric at a height of around 6 inches. Always test on a piece of scrap fabric prior to use. Follow safety instructions printed on the label.

Store in a cool, dry place and keep away from children.