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Craft Glues and Adhesives

At Crafty Products, we stock craft glues for fabric, papercraft adhesives and other uses. Our best crafting glues are an essential for your arty toolkit!

Our strong sticky mat glue is a sticky adhesive that is formulated to remain tacky when dry, to allow you to reposition artwork during general crafting projects. This is an ideal glue for papercrafts or glue for scrapbooking projects. This will also work as a felt glue for smaller felt projects. Buy our sticky mat adhesive with our special glue mat cleaner to help clean glue from your workspace surfaces.

We also provide powder glue for fabric, which is a heat-activated glue powder that quickly bonds fabric. Our powder fabric glue is clean, invisible and wash-proof, which is a bonus. The adhesive powder for fabric is an essential for any textile lovers! See our full range of craft adhesives at Crafty Products.