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Gyro-Cut® Blade Packs

The Gyro-Cut® is our amazing crafts knife, the innovative new way of cutting that is transforming crafts projects across the globe. The Gyro-Cut® has a rotating craft cutting blade so that it works like a pen, but cuts like a knife!

We have two variations of our crafting blade, the Junior and the Pro. The Gyro-Cut® Junior features a hardened steel craft blade which is able to cut through a large variety of materials. Our Gyro-Cut® Pro tool works with a variety of three different blade attachments. We have the Standard-Cut hardened steel craft cutting blade, which is our skin friendly crafting blade. For harder, thicker materials, we have deeper blade cutting tools. These include our Medium-Cut tungsten carbide blade and our Deep-Cut tungsten carbide blade.

We offer replacement blade attachments for all of our Gyro-Cut® tools. The high-quality cutting blades are durable and reliable, but it is best to replace these every few months for optimal cutting performance.

See our Gyro-Cut® craft cutting blade packs below!