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Our Kids Crafting Ideas

Looking for children’s papercraft ideas to keep them busy and spend quality time together without breaking the bank? We are here to help by sharing some of our kids crafting ideas with you. Arts and crafts for kids are a great way for them to explore ideas and express their creativity. It gives them the opportunity to learn, grow, enjoy themselves and build confidence. 

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Late Summer Themed Bunting

Ran out of ideas to keep the kids entertained? Worry no more!

Here’s a great project to inspire them before school starts again. Our easy papercrafts for kids are perfect for getting creative with the children. With these quick, mess-free arts and crafts ideas, papercrafts for children have never been more stress-free!

Perfect for summer, we will be showing you step by step how you and your little ones can make this bright papercraft bunting. 

diy bunting

   You will need: 

  • A range of coloured/patterned paper (including yellow and brown)
  • Coloured cupcake cases of two sizes (Including yellow)
  • String or ribbon
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Glue (or alternatively you could use our Sticky Mat Glue if you're running short)
  • Hole punch
  • Sticky tape
  • Gyro-Cut® JUNIOR (child-friendly cutting tool) or Gyro-Cut® PRO tool fitted with a Standard Cut, skin friendly, blade and a self-healing cutting mat

The Gyro-Cut® JUNIOR craft and hobby tool is designed to easily cut thin sheet materials such as paper, thin card, masking tape, vinyl, tissue paper and foil

The Gyro-Cut® PRO can cut through thicker materials such as fabric, felt, sugarpaste, balsawood and leather, when fitted with a Medium or Deep Cut blade. 

Start by tidying the area prior to your crafting project, making sure that no materials will get easily lost during your arts and crafts session!

Papercrafts materials

Step One: Crafting the sun

The first element of our summer papercrafts bunting is the Sun! 

  1. Firstly, grab a sheet of the yellow coloured or patterned paper, and place something circular upside down on the paper to draw around. For example, the bottom of a cup! Draw around this with your pencil to create a perfect circle outline. Alternatively, use our Easy Circles Template Set to cut out a range of circles in seconds! 
  2.  Secondly, go around the circle outline with your Gyro-Cut® paper cutting tool, to cut out the circle shape from the paper. Once you have cut out your circle, place it to the side.
  3.  Next, you need to make the Sun rays! To do this, use your Gyro-Cut papercraft tool to cut out a large rectangle (roughly 10cm x 3cm) from your yellow sheet of paper. Using this rectangle, cut out even strips (down the short length, not across the long side). These will give you the little ‘spikes’ that you need to make your Sun rays.
  4. Once you have used your Gyro-Cut tool to cut out the strips for the Sun rays, use a glue stick to stick these to the back of the circle. You should do this so that they form a shape like the image below shows.
  5. Now that you have your basic Sun made, take one of the cupcake cases and flatten it down into a circle. Once you have done this, glue the back of your basic Sun, and stick the Sun to the cupcake case and then to the bigger cupcake case as shown below.
  6. Ta-da! You have now crafted a beautiful Sun. Depending on the length of your string/ribbon and desired bunting length, make as many of these as you need! Try to make them all roughly the same shape by using the same circle guide throughout. Pop them to the side and we will come back to it later when we stick these to the papercraft bunting.

Papercrafts project

Step Two: Creating the Ice Cream Cones

Summer is not complete without a delicious ice cream in hand! Let’s talk you through how to do the quick papercrafts to make this part.

  1. Using the brown paper, cut out a triangle cone shape! You might need to use a ruler to help you do this. Draw out the shape with a pencil to start with, to cut out the shape accurately with your Gyro-Cut®.
  2. Next, you want to get a sheet of coloured paper to make the ice cream. Start by drawing round a circle guide (preferably the same one used for to craft to sun) with a pencil. Then, use your handy craft cutting tool to cut out the shape.
  3. Once you have cut out the circle from the coloured sheet of paper, grab one of the coloured cupcake cases. As before, flatten the cupcake case down into a circle. Then stick the paper circle onto the smaller cupcake case circle, and then glue into the larger cupcake case. 
  4. Now, turn your ‘ice cream’ circle upside down and stick the triangle ‘cone’ to the back as shown below.
  5. Perfect! You have now finished your ice cream cone. Make as many of these as you need, trying to keep them all roughly the same or similar sizes. We will come back to this later when we tell you how to attach these to your papercraft bunting. 

Summer crafts ideas

Step Three: Crafting the Beach Ball

A beach ball is an essential item for taking to the beach! This will complete your crafty bunting, so use this quick paper crafts guide to finish your final piece.

  1. Using a circle guide, draw out a circle outline on two different coloured sheets of paper. Use your Gyro-Cut® PRO or Gyro-Cut® JUNIOR to cut out the shapes from the paper.
  2. Now that you have two identical circles in different colours, choose which one you would like to be the base of your beach ball. Using the other colour circle, cut out segments with your crafting cutter tool to create a ‘half and half’ beach ball pattern (see below). 
  3. Stick these segments to the ‘beach ball’ with a glue stick.
  4. Now that your beach ball is made, complete by sticking to the base of one of the cupcake cases. Again, press the case down into a flat circle before sticking down.
  5. Fantastic work! Again, create as many of these as you need. Now that our three components are made, we need to attach them to the bunting.

crafts for kids

Step Four: Create the bunting

After all of that fun paper crafting work, lets finish off the bunting project by adding these to the ribbon/string. This part of the kids’ crafting process is relatively easy, so don’t panic! 

  1. Start by cutting your desired length of bunting from your ribbon or string. You can cut this with your gyro-tool to avoid fraying the ends. To give your quirky crafts project an extra boost, use coloured string or ribbon! Allow 4 or 5 inches on either side of the ribbon/string to be used to tie the bunting up to a fixture once it is complete.
  2. Lay out the string/ribbon across a flat surface. Starting from 4 or 5 inches from the end of the bunting, place each of your suns, ice-cream cones and beachballs face forward onto the surface at an equal distance along the string/ribbon. Place the string/ribbon over them, so that it looks like the image below.
  3. Using sticky tape, stick each element to the string/ribbon from behind, so that the sticky tape is not visible from the front.
  4. Continue this with all of the elements.
  5. Check to ensure that all elements have been fastened to the ribbon/string securely.
  6. Once you have attached each of the elements, lift your bunting and woo!  Your quirky crafty product is finished. Use your papercrafts bunting to add a little bit of colour and energy to a room! You could even put the bunting up outside as a nice decoration for a barbeque or summer party.

kids summer crafts bunting

Now for the safety part… 

As your papercraft bunting is made from paper, be careful about where you place the bunting when finished. Avoid keeping the bunting close to open fire, lights or candles. 

Luckily, unlike other craft knives, the Gyro-Cut® JUNIOR and Gyro-Cut® PRO Standard Cut blades will not readily cut skin in normal use. This child-safe cutting knife gives you extra peace of mind when using it with your kids on craft projects. Children under the age of 10 should always be supervised by an adult.   For more fun crafty ideas for kids, including arts and crafting projects, kids papercrafts and more, follow Crafty Products on social media, and keep a regular eye on our blog