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Halloween might be a little different this year. There will be no apple bobbing, no trick or treating, no fright nights and definitely no big Halloween parties! Luckily, it isn’t all doom and gloom as you can still celebrate the spooky season with some Halloween art projects. Crafty Products have compiled a variety of Halloween crafts ideas for every capability level, ranging from simple Halloween crafts to Halloween crafts for adults.

In this article, we will show you three different Halloween arts and crafts projects, designed to keep you busy and entertained whilst you are stuck at home! Not only is this fun, but it is a cost-effective way of decorating your home. Why not have a scary movie sleepover with friends and family within your bubble?

Spider Web Hanging Decoration

Difficulty Level: Easy

If you’re looking for easy Halloween crafts for kids, then the hanging spider web is a great choice! This spooky Halloween decoration is great for hanging in the window, from the ceiling or over a door handle. You can even make several of these and drape them over the doorway to create a Halloween themed entrance to your room!

spider web crafts

What you will need

  • A sheet of black paper cut into a square.
  • Gyro-cut Junior crafts cutting tool. This is a child-safe cutting blade that prevents damage to skin. You can buy this directly from Crafty Products, just click here.
  • A craft cutting mat to protect surfaces whilst using the Gyro-cut! We also recommend using our Magic Mat cleaner to help restore the cutting mat after use.
  • A crafts glue. 
  • Googly eyes.
  • White paper.
  • String or ribbon (for hanging the decoration up). 


  1. Start with your square sheet of black paper. If needed, trim this down from an A4 sheet with your gyro-cut crafts knife. Fold the paper diagonally and then in half again to create a four fold triangle.
  2. Use your child-friendly crafts blade to cut three rectangle shapes going into the middle of the triangle, from either side (see the picture beside for guidance). Do not cut through the middle of the triangle!
  3. Create a spider shape using white paper, add googly eyes and attach this to your unfolded 'web' with glue. Now simply hang the decoration up with string or ribbon!

spider web halloween craft project

Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

Difficulty Level: Easy - Medium

The toilet paper roll Halloween crafts for kids is one to really let their imagination run wild! There are 3 ideas to choose from, including a Mummy, a Pumpkin, and a Vampire. This is great fun and also a really smart idea to encourage recycling. 

toilet roll craft ideas

What you will need

  • Empty toilet roll tubes.
  • White, green, orange, red and black paper or card (Tissue paper can also be used to decorate).
  • A sheet of kitchen roll or toilet paper. 
  • A pack of googly eyes.
  • Sticky crafts adhesive.
  • Gyro-Cut Junior crafts tool (for children) or the Gyro-Cut Pro cutting tool (for adults).
  • A cutting mat to protect surfaces when using the Gyro-Cut and our Magic Mat cutting mat cleaning solution. 
  • Black marker pen or felt tip.

Instructions: The Mummy

The mummy is the easiest Halloween crafts for kids, as it requires very little patience or skill.

  1. Start by using your Gyro-cut crafts knife to cut a large square of black paper. This will be used to wrap around the toilet roll tube, so make sure that it is the same length of the toilet roll. Use a sticky crafts glue to stick the black paper to the tube.
  2. Now that your tube is wrapped in the black paper, use your cutting blade to cut thin strips of toilet paper or kitchen roll using your crafts cutting tool, to wrap around the tube to look like bandages. Once you have cut these out, stick them around the roll so that it looks similar to the image below.
  3. Finally, finish off your mummy with a pair of googly eyes stuck on with crafts adhesive! 

mummy halloween crafts

Instructions: The Pumpkin

The pumpkin is a little more delicate than the mummy as it requires some trickier cutting skills. Make sure you practice using the Gyro-cut crafts tool so that you know how to use it when cutting the shapes required.

  1. Start by using your Gyro-cut crafts blade to cut the orange paper to wrap around the toilet roll tube. Make sure that it is the same length of the roll. Use a sticky crafts glue to stick the paper to the tube.
  2. Use your crafts blade to cut 3 thin leaf shapes from the green paper. Attach these to the inside of the roll with crafts glue, to form the top of the pumpkin.
  3. Take your black paper and use your crafting knife to cut out facial features! You can be as wacky as you like. Make sure you cut these pieces out on the crafts cutting mat, to avoid damaging your work surface. Stick these to the roll with a tacky glue.

pumpkin halloween crafts

Instructions: The Vampire

This is the hardest of the designs, as it requires a little more patience and attention to detail. Nonetheless, it is still an easy DIY Halloween crafts to do with the kids!

  1. Start by cutting out the hairline from a sheet of black paper, using your Gyro Cut craft tool. Once this is done,  glue in place with sticky adhesive.
  2. Cut out one large red triangle with your crafts knife. You then want to cut out a smaller black triangle. Glue the black triangle to the red triangle to make the 'cape', then stick this to the back of the tube.
  3. Using the red paper and your skin-friendly cutting knife, cut a bow tie shape from the paper. Stick this at the bottom end of the toilet roll tube.
  4. Use a black pen to draw a mouth and cut two small white triangles as fangs, gluing these onto the roll. 
  5. Finish off the vampire with a pair of googly eyes! 

vampire halloween crafts

Haunted House Tealight Lantern

Difficulty Level: Medium to Hard

The haunted house lanterns look incredible on your windowsills, around the home and on your doorstep in the dark! This is a great Halloween crafts for adults, as it is a little too difficult for the younger ones. Our haunted house lanterns require some fiddly cutting skills, so you need to have a bit of patience with this one.

halloween tealight

What you will need

  • A flameless tealight (Paper and flames do not mix well, the picture beside uses a flame for display purposes only).
  • A sheet of A4 black card or our template.
  • Gyro-cut pro craft cutting knife.
  • Crafts glue.
  • Pencil (to draw outlines).
  • Clear tape.


  1. Find our printable template underneath these instructions, or take inspiration from this and cut these shapes directly from your sheet of paper. 
  2. Whichever you decide, fold the paper into four equal parts (to form a cube like shape) or if you are using the printed version, fold along the white lines.
  3. Cut out the shapes (white areas) using one of our gyro cut pro crafts knives.
  4. Once you have cut out the shapes, seal the ends with clear tape. Simply pop this over the top of an electric tea light and you’re ready to go! 

gyro cut halloween crafts
halloween lantern template

Remember to visit the Crafty Products website to shop all of our fantastic crafts products and keep up to date with our blog for regular crafting tips and ideas. Happy Halloween!