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What is Polydron?

Polydron is a fun and engaging educational construction toy that is designed to encourage kids to use logical thinking, construct 3D shapes and learn about geometry. The Polydron sets include a variety of triangle shapes, pentagon shapes and square shapes, all with interlocking joints. These allow children to make different constructions and really let their imagination run wild whilst learning at the same time. From a simple cube, to rockets and robots, there really are endless building possibilities with Polydron toys.

children playing with polydron

I've heard of Polydron before, but can't remember why?

If the name is ringing a bell for you, it’s probably because the Polydron toys have been around now for over 37 years! Chances are, you probably played with Polydron at some point whilst growing up, so these images will definitely take you back to your school years.

There is a reason why our educational construction toys have been around for so long and that is because they are built to last. The high quality Polydron sets are made from a strong plastic, created to withstand long-term use and wear. Because of this, Polydron toys offer fantastic value to educational organisations who can use the products for years without them needing to be replaced. 

What value does Polydron provide to children and educational institutes?

Polydron is strongly recommended to schools, nurseries and playgroup because it offers such amazing value to both the organisation and the children. In terms of the kids, Polydron toys offer the following benefits:

  • The chance to get creative! With Polydron sets, there are so many creations to be made. Allow children the opportunity to explore their imagination and produce inventive constructions. You could further encourage this by running a competition, for example to build a spaceship.
  • Encourages independent thinking and using initiative- Let the children figure out shapes and construction through trial and error. Whilst they may struggle at first with their creations, they will improve their ability to build once they better understand how the shapes should connect.
  • Teaches them about geometry and construction- Polydron is great for teaching kids about 2D and 3D shapes. So, transform the usual boring maths lesson into something much more interesting with Polydron toys.

Polydron also offers a wide variety of benefits to schools too, these benefits include:

  • Long-lasting toys- The Polydron sets are built to last, so they are ideal for being used with hundreds of children over the years. Of course, we recommend regular cleaning but the Polydron pieces themselves are extremely durable.
  • Child safety- The Polydron sets have been specially designed with children in mind, so rest assured that they have been carefully tested and produced to ensure that they are suitable to play with.
  • A more engaged classroom- If you are struggling to get the children interested in maths and geometry, then this is the perfect way to get them to pay attention. Allowing them to learn kinaesthetically can be very rewarding to them.
  • Discount educational toys- Crafty Products offer generous bulk discounts on Polydron products, meaning your school can save money!

polydron construction toys

Is Polydron just meant for schools?

No! Whilst we do recommend Polydron as a great teaching resource for educational organisations, it is ideal for using at home with the kids too. As the educational construction toys provide hours of fun learning time, this is the perfect toy to keep your children busy on weekends or in their spare time.

Keeping the kids distracted with Polydron toys not only helps them to learn, but it gives you some well deserved time to put your feet up too. We recommend our Polydron midi tub for home use, as it is a slightly smaller tub! The smaller Polydron set is ideal as a present for a birthday or Christmas.

polydron tubs

Where can I buy Polydron?

Crafty Products offer 3 ranges of Polydron products, these are; The Polydron Midi Tub, The Polydron Mega Tub and The Polydron Mighty Tub.

The midi Polydron set is ideal for educational fun at home or homeschooling, whereas the mega and mighty Polydron sets are perfect for large groups such as schools and community centres. The high-quality teaching tools are designed to last a lifetime so that they can be used again and again, perfect for schools and kindergartens.

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