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Why not start a scrapbooking project?

A scrapbooking project is great to do in your spare time, as a down time activity! This is a productive way to spend your free time, whilst being able to relax, zone out and have some peace and quiet time. Arts and crafts have been found to be good for the soul, with research finding that art engagement helps mental health by alleviating anxiety and stress. 

Creating a scrapbook is also a nice, personal way to store memories and photographs. Whether you want to make a scrapbook to document your travel memories, adding in cuttings of tickets and images of your holidays, or a scrapbook to document your wedding day, a scrapbook makes a lovely keepsake to treasure forever. 

Or, what better way to show someone you love them? Why not create a scrapbook of photographs and memories for your best friend's Birthday, or a new baby scrapbook to give away at a baby shower? Creating a scrapbook for a gift is a unique, personal and meaningful idea. 

Scrapbooking with kids

What will I need to get started with scrapbooking?

The best thing about scrapbooking is that it is so easy to do and there is no right or wrong way of doing it! Make the scrapbook in your own style and unleash your creativity. With the right scrapbooking crafts tools, anything is possible. The main essentials that we recommend purchasing ahead of starting a scrapbook are:

  • A scrapbook, duh!
  • Coloured and patterned paper. Make your scrapbook colourful by adding paper to the pages of the scrapbook and laying these out in a cool, quirky style!
  • A good scrapbooking glue! The Sticky Mat adhesive from Crafty Products is an ideal glue for scrapbooking as it is formulated to stay tacky, allowing you to reposition photos, paper and elements on your page.
  • Stickers, to jazz up your pages! You can buy letter stickers or themed stickers for any occasion. These make a nice little touch to the scrapbook and add an extra something.
  • A good paper or scrapbooking craft knife! Our gyro-cut pro and junior scrapbooking cutting tools are a great tool for cutting intricate shapes from paper, allowing you to easily cut pieces for your scrapbook pages. Make sure you purchase a durable, self-healing cutting mat to avoid scratching your work surfaces.
  • Scrapbooking templates and stencils - Paper stencils will help you achieve a perfect shape when cutting paper. You can even buy plain crafts stencils to create your own shapes!
  • Photographs, tickets or memories- These are an essential for personalising your scrapbook.
  • Buttons, pegs, envelopes and other paper crafts accessories to add into your scrapbook. Quirky elements really take your scrapbook to the next level.

scrapbook materials

How can I create a good scrapbook?

One of the best tips to achieving a great scrapbook is to set a theme. This could be in terms of a colour scheme or a style, for example, a black and white theme for a wedding scrapbook or a floral blue theme for a new baby scrapbook. You could even be extra quirky and create a travel scrapbook in a campervan theme, by cutting campervan shaped paper backgrounds and adding stickers, or how about a nature theme with leaves and flower shapes? 

Interactive features also help add the wow factor to your scrapbook. This could include flaps, detachable photos clipped on with pegs or envelopes with personalised letters inside! These are cool and take your scrapbook to the next level. Don’t just use paper! Add in different materials such as ribbon, fabric, bubble wrap and plastic to switch things up a little bit. 

scrapbooking paper and scissors

Where can I find scrapbooking products?

Tools for scrapbooking can be bought from Crafty Products

We stock our gyro-cut crafts knife for scrapbooking in Junior and Pro versions, that allow you to intricately cut a variety of materials. Our gyro-cut scrapbooking tool is also available in our paper cutting kit, which is a great scrapbooking starter kit when paired with our Sticky Mat tacky crafts glue. We recommend buying a cutting mat along with the crafts knife, to avoid damaging work surfaces. Our Magic Mat cleaner will help keep your cutting mat as good as new and free from paper residue and debris throughout your scrapbooking project. 

Crafty Products also stock cutting templates for scrapbooking and papercrafts projects, which will help you to achieve perfect shapes when cutting. We also stock mylar stencils which allow you to create your own unique shapes as templates! See our full range of scrapbooking crafts tools at the Crafty Products website.