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Arguably our most valuable product available is our handy Gyro-Cut® Cutting Tool. This hobby cutting tool is an essential for all the crafters out there!

Our Gyro-Cut® tool is designed to easily cut a wide variety of materials, making it a great multi-purpose crafting tool. We have two Gyro-Cut® cutting tools available, the Junior and the Pro. As the name suggests, the Junior Gyro-Cut is for less complicated crafting projects and is suitable for younger users. Our Pro Gyro-Cut tool is great for more advanced crafts products, as it can cut through a larger range of materials.

Our Gyro-Cut Range

As stated above, we have a Junior Gyro-Cut® and Pro Gyro-Cut® which are suitable for crafters of different ability levels. At Crafty Products, our range includes:

So, what can you do with the Gyro-Cut®? 

The Junior and Pro-Gyro® cutter can be used to use a variety of materials, making it great for various purposes, such as paper cutting, decoupage, stencil making, paper crafting, artwork, graphic design, architecture, scrapbooking, signwriting and more. We will explain these below in more detail! 

gyro cut tool

Paper Crafts

The Gyro-Cut® Junior and Pro are perfect for paper crafting activities, such as cutting paper, cutting thin card, cutting tissue paper and cutting through masking tape. Our Gyro-Cut® Pro Tool is also great for cutting harder paper materials, such as cutting cardboard.

As our paper slicer does not easily cut through skin, the safe cutting tool allows you to feel more comfortable when doing papercrafts with your children. We recommend adult supervision for children under the age of 10, but the Junior crafts cutting knife is ideal for younger crafts enthusiasts. 



Make ordinary objects look extraordinary with decoupage! Our crafts knife has a 360° rotating blade, which is great for cutting tricky shapes out of paper. Those tiny little petal shapes and detail will no longer be a problem with our crafting knife. Cut easily, and without harming yourself! 

decoupage crafts

Felt Crafts

Our best cutting knife, the Gyro-Cut® Pro tool, is great for felt crafts. The 360° rotating blade and deep-cut 45° blade is ideal for cutting fiddly pieces of fabric and cutting thicker felt. This easy cutting tool will make felt crafts a much easier experience!

Felt Crafts


Our cutting tool is ideal for scrapbooking. As the crafts cutting blade is great at cutting through paper, tissue paper and cutting photographs, users can easily cut shapes to their requirements. You can create those precious memory books and thoughtful gifts with ease!


Other Uses

Aside from the more traditional uses, our cutting tools can be used for a whole variety of things! The Pro and Junior cutting blade will cut through Oracover®, Oratex®, Orastick®, Solarfilm®, Solartrim® and Solartex®. The crafts blade is also ideal for cutting vinyl, acetate and foil.

Whilst the Junior Gyro-Cut® has limited use, the Pro Gyro-Cut® tool is ideal for cutting balsawood, cutting Mylar®, cutting vehicle wrapping and cutting signwriting vinyl. The deep-cut tungsten carbide 45-degree blade will cope with materials such as thicker fabrics, thicker felt, thin foam and sugarpaste. Get involved with some recycling crafts too, as our best crafts knife will cut through cereal cartons and plastic milk bottles. 

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