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Craft Cutting Tools

Our craft cutting tools offer the ultimate in crafting and are an ingenious alternative to a craft knife. What’s different about our precision cutting tools is the fact that they work like a pen and cut like a knife!

Our cutting tools include the Gyro-Cut® PRO and the Gyro-Cut® JUNIOR which are so simple to use and make crafting extra fun compared to the use of a standard scalpel or craft knife. For children’s paper cut craft, we recommend the “skin-friendly”Gyro-Cut® JUNIOR which can cut a range of thin materials including paper, thin card, vinyl and much more. If you’re looking for a craft knife capable of cutting thicker materials, the Gyro-Cut® PRO is able to cut everything the JUNIOR tool can cut as well as fabric, thicker card, thin leather, sugarpaste, balsawood and much more.  Simply choose the most appropriate blade for your project using our blade selection page.