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Getting Started

Things you will need:

  • Gyro-Cut® Junior tool GC-1311 or Gyro-Cut® PRO tool GC-1411
  • Self-healing cutting mat (sold separately)
  • Sticky Mat® Adhesive GC-1314 (sold separately)
  • Fab-Grip® powder adhesive GC-1414 (sold separately) if cutting fabric

Preparation and cutting:

  • Apply Sticky Mat® Adhesive to the surface of your cutting mat using an old piece of kitchen sponge and allow to dry for approx. 20 minutes (apply 2 coats on new mat). The tacky surface will temporarily hold the paper in place whilst you cut. This enables you to achieve very accurate and intricate cuts as the material will not move.
  • Hold the Gyro-Cut® tool like a pen, ensuring that the blade is kept vertical and apply firm downward pressure whilst guiding the point of the blade to cut the desired shape. It is important to only cut with the point of the blade and ensure that the blade always remains vertical while cutting. With practice, you will quickly develop the technique of using the tool like a pen and steering the blade in any direction. The amount of downward pressure required depends on the thickness of the material being cut.
  • When you have completed your project, carefully remove the artwork from the cutting mat. The surface of your cutting mat will remain sticky for many months before requiring a further coat of the adhesive. Clean any dust or debris off the surface of the cutting mat using a wet microfibre cloth (water only). When the surface has dried, it will be sticky again and ready for use. For heavily soiled mats use our Mat Magic® cleaning fluid, ref. GC-1416 to clean and revitalise the mat surface. Rinse with fresh water before applying any further coats of Sticky Mat® Adhesive. For further details of how to get the most out of your Gyro-Cut® tool please refer to the instruction leaflet enclosed with the product.