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What is Polydron? Polydron is a fun educational construction toy, designed to help children to use logical thinking, construct 3D shapes and learn about geometry. In the Polydron sets, there are a variety of triangle shapes, pentagon shapes and square shapes, all with interlocking joints. These allow children to make different constructions and really let their imagination run wild whilst learning at the same time.

The Polydron toys are available in 3 sizes; The Polydron Midi Tub, The Polydron Mega Tub and The Polydron Mighty Tub. The midi Polydron set is best for educational fun at home or home schooling, whereas the mighty Polydron set is ideal for large groups such as schools and community centres. The high quality teaching tools are designed to last a lifetime so that they can be used again and again, perfect for schools. If you are a teacher, nursery, playgroup or organisation looking for discount educational toys, then you will be pleased to hear that Crafty Products offer fantastic bulk discounts on large quantity orders of our Polydron toys. With Polydron, learning will never be boring again!