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Replacement Hook Pad for detail sanders

Product Code: GC-1318


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A high-quality, robust replacement hook pad for detail sanders and palm sanders. Our hook pad has been manufactured using high-performance nylon hook material backed with a 3mm foam layer and a very strong self-adhesive feature. When your original hook pad becomes worn and will no longer effectively hold sanding pads, simply remove it using a paint scrapper, being careful not to damage the base of the machine. Ensure that as much of the old foam backing as possible is removed from the base of the device. Use the old pad as a template to draw any holes or other features onto the new hook pad using a pencil. Cut out the holes and other features using a sharp Stanley knife or similar cutting device. The outside profile of the pad can be cut to size using sharp scissors.

Our hook pads will fit most makes of detail sanders. The Velcro like nylon hooks will grip all hook and loop sanding discs very efficiently.