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Gyro-Cut® PRO Starter Set FOR FABRIC

Product Code: GC-1411FF


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The Gyro-Cut® PRO Starter Kit for fabric includes everything you will need to explore fabric cutting in a totally new and exciting way (does not include a cutting mat). The kit contains a Gyro-Cut® PRO tool, Tungsten Carbide Fabric Blade Pack, 50ml bottle of Sticky Mat® Adhesive and a 90g bottle of Fab-Grip® Powder Adhesive. The supplied blade is suitable for cutting thin fabrics such as cotton and polyester. We offer a range of add-on blades suitable for cutting materials such as felt (requires the Easy Felt™ attachment), leather, sugarpaste, foam sheet/Depron, polymer clay, balsawood, etc.

Not recommended for children under the age of 10, unless under adult supervision.