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DEEP-CUT Tungsten Carbide PRO Series Blade

Product Code: GC-1416


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Our Gyro-Cut® Pro crafts tool is an essential for any crafters tool box. This craft cutting blade will revolutionise the way that you work on crafts projects. The easy-to-use blade tool features a 360° rotating blade, which works like a pen but cuts like a knife.

The tungsten carbide deep-cut blade is the blade attachment for cutting thicker materials, such as leather (max 3mm), balsawood, felt (requires Easy Felt™ attachment), thicker fabrics, foam sheet/Depron, polymer clay, sugarpaste and fondant. We recommend the deep crafting blades to experience crafters who work on more advanced projects.

Our blade tool is perfect for cutting:

  • Thick Fabric
  • Felt up to 3mm
  • Sugarpaste
  • Medium Balsawood
  • Thin Leather (3mm)
  • Thicker Card
  • Cereal Cartons
  • Polymer Clay
  • Thin Foam/Depron

This specialist crafting blade attachment is only compatible with our Gyro-Cut® Pro and Fabri-Cut® tools. As the deep-cut tungsten carbide blade is not skin friendly, it is not usable with our Junior tool which is meant to be child-safe.

Blade attachment fitting instructions are included in this replacement craft blade pack.