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HPH 304 SHARK Model Sailplane Kit

Product Code: GC-1511


£6.99 5.83 excl VAT)


The HPH 304 SHARK model sailplane kit represents excellent value for money and is a pleasure to build and fly. Once the model has been correctly balanced, using the supplied ballast pellets, flight performance is outstanding! The model can be used as a chuck glider or launched using the included rubber catapult.

All parts have been precision laser-cut from high-quality balsawood. The model is quick and easy to build and will provide you with many hours of fun flying. The kit comes complete with sandpaper to enable you to shape each feature of the airframe prior to final assembly. A wide variety of adhesives can be used to bond the various elements together, but we recommend using UHU Hart when bonding the wings due to its forgiving nature and flexibility. This will help you to achieve the correct dihedral (angle between the wings) with relative ease, using the included plywood stand/dihedral jig.

The kit includes everything you will need to complete the sailplane except glue.

Includes detailed step by step instructions in English.