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HAWK Competition Model Glider Kit

Product Code: GC-1513


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The HAWK model is a very high-performance glider kit which has been manufactured using the latest CNC laser technology and high-quality plywood and balsa materials. To facilitate building all parts have been clearly labelled and can be cross referenced to the plans. The Hawk model is designed as a simple multi-purpose competition or school model. It can be built in several configurations including a free-flight chuck glider with your choice of two different wing styles or RC model with micro servos (the kit does not include any RC equipment or micro servos).

You can quickly and easily test the effect of adjusting ailerons, flaps, rudder and elevator on the flight characteristics of the model. This is facilitated using flexible wire hinges on each of the control surfaces.

This very complete kit includes everything you will need except glue and paint.

Includes full plans and instructions in English.