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POLYDRON Mighty Tub Set

Product Code: GC-1613


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Perfect for educational institutes such as schools, nurseries, playgroups and youth centres, the Polydron toys are built to be used over and over again, providing fun to numerous children as well as great value.

So, what is Polydron?

Polydron is a fun educational construction toy, designed to help children to use logical thinking, construct 3D shapes and learn about geometry. In the Polydron sets, there are a variety of triangle shapes, pentagon shapes and square shapes, all with interlocking joints. These allow children to make different constructions and really let their imagination run wild whilst learning at the same time.

The Polydron Mighty tub is the biggest Polydron set in our range, containing 215 pieces as follows: complete set of 4 wheels, axles & fittings, 20 solid squares, 80 solid equilateral triangles, 24 Frameworks right-angle triangles, 48 Frameworks equilateral triangles, 24 Frameworks squares, 12 Frameworks isosceles triangles and 3 swivel joints (rotating pieces which add movement to your models).

With hundreds of Polydron pieces to play with, you have endless construction possibilities! From basic to advanced mathematical models, to robots, rockets, bridges, windmills, cars, trains, lorries and many other exciting shapes. But, if you are still struggling for Polydron construction ideas, then do not worry as our tubs come with a detailed user guide and model examples.

Ideal for messy school children, our Polydron toys come in a handy plastic tub for easy storage between building sessions. Our discount educational toys are also great for schools as Crafty Products offer generous bulk purchase discounts!

POLYDRON® will stimulate and challenge the imagination of the whole family!