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Take a look at what some of the customers of our GYRO-CUT® paper cutting tool have said...

Just to let you know I have now received my Gyro-Cut tool in good shape and WOW...DOES THIS PUPPY WORK GREAT...!!! It was worth the wait mate... this little tool will be a HUGE benefit to the work bench. I am an ex-graphic artist by trade and over the years have used various types of swivel knives, but this is the first iteration that truly WORKS BETTER than all the rest. WELL DONE MATE.

I am looking forward to getting an Easy Roundel Kit for my Brit aircraft. Looks like another nifty tool that I MUST HAVE...to add to the humongous tool pile I already have...sigh...

After over 40 years of building (collecting would be more accurate), you'd think I'd have all the tools one could possibly need...as my wife keeps reminding... :-(

I'll shut up now and let you get back to designing "nifty" tools 'n such!!

Laurie, Manitoba, Canada

I have gone through quite a few craft knives over the years as well as sore fingers! I used the GYRO-CUT to cut out some floral decoupage. I didn’t think the blade had cut the paper as it was so easy. Then I found that it had... marvellous! All my other craft knives are heading for the bin.

Thank you so much for a marvellous tool.

Joy B, Lytham, UK